KHADO is legally registered in Somalia in 2022 and is currently seeking collaboration with development partners in its operational areas in Somalia.

KHADO has a rich and relevant experience in humanitarian and development work with the support of key donors in Somalia and the organization prides itself with sufficient institutional and operational capacity that enables it to realize its development objectives in Somalia.

KHADO brings together experts with hands-on experience and expertise working with community groups, local and International NGOs and the federal and state agencies in promoting sustainable development a cross Somalia.  This experience has revealed that the traditional top-down approach to development that most international NGOs and governments apply often ends up not meeting the immediate needs of the ordinary people and is the main reason behind the failure of numerous development initiatives.

KHADO, believes that community groups and the ordinary people must be at the center of any humanitarian and development initiative and they must effectively take charge of and drive their development agenda and programs.

Our Vision

KHADO is a strong humanitarian and development organization with adequate resources to responds to humanitarian crisis and developmental needs for the Somali people.


To provide a broad range of quality humanitarian and development services including: provision of holistic and sustainable humanitarian interventions that link emergency relief and long-term development from the grassroots level; empowering and building capacity of local institutions and the local community on issues of good governance, gender equity, education, and sustainable development while upholding high professional integrity and institutional accountability to the beneficiaries and donors.

Organizations Core Values

Staff professionalism

Institutional integrity

Performance neutrality

Our Operating Philosophy

KHADO is dedicated to providing essential humanitarian and development services that promote resilience and advocate for human development in a non-political and non-sectarian manner.  KHADO applies a multi-sectoral approach to its humanitarian and development work, KHADO believes that saving lives and incorporating integrated programming is the key to providing long-term and sustainable development in Somalia.

By addressing the long-term developmental needs of the Somali people, KHADO recognizes that fact that disasters have the most negative and devastating impact on the lives of the poor people; yet disasters and especially the displacement of a large population in itself can also bring about unexpected, positive social transformation.  Such context therefore can serve as a window of opportunity to institute development interventions.

Our Sectors of Development Support Focus

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene-Wash

  • Food Security, Livelihoods and Enterprises

  • Education

  • Shelter/NFI

  • Governance

  • Protection

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Contact Person

Name: Mohamed Abdi Hassan

Mobile: 25617567948/25682384560



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